About us


We are Greights!

I have been working as a fashion entrepreneur with my own brand for over 12 years, building my own brand and sharing my story on social media as an influencer. This experience gave me thorough knowledge over the years in design and building brands.

Launching my own eyewear collection I realised the great potential of having my own social media platform when releasing a product that you truly believe in.
When I founded this company I decided to team up with the founders of the company that helped me with my collection.
With almost 60 years experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing beautiful eyewear in their company EGO EYEWEAR, they are truly experts in their field. They have produced high quality eyewear globally for some of the world’s most famous and prestigious Fashion houses and brands. Some of the clients are BALMAIN, KENZO, Viktor&Rolf, JOSEPH, Barbour and Liberty London.

Together we started GREIGHTS and our goal is to create truly great eyewear!

/Valerie and the GREIGHTS team