Meet Valerie Aflalo

How did you get started in fashion?

I grew up in a truly fashion entrepreneur family so my interest in the business started early. In 2006 I founded my own clothing brand Valerie. Ever since the start-up the brand has been growing and is now well established on the fashion scene.

How would you describe “a Valerie woman”?

I design for women who aim to have a personal style and like the feminine yet timeless look; this is also true for my new sunglasses which I am very excited about.

The brand Valerie has from day one been about designing feminine womenswear with an edge for all occasions, from every day to the evening. Among this, sustainability is one of our main goals.

Today, we have both celebrities and royalty in our customer base, such as the Swedish Princess Sofia and Swedish Crown Princess Victoria.

What inspires your work the most?

I have always loved the beach and the ocean, when growing up in the south of Sweden I spent a lot of time there, looking for seashells and enjoying nature. Joyful memories from that period always inspires me. That- and women overall, both in the past and women of today.

Shells and pearls are therefore seen through the sunglasses and eyewear collection in both details and branding.

Tell us a little bit about Greights and how you got started?

Design and business have always been one on my biggest interests and launching Valerie eyewear collection 2020 made me want to do more with all the knowledge that I learned from being the Creative Director within many areas for years. Then I met the team at EGO EYEWEAR when producing Valerie eyewear and the idea of Greights started to grow.

What if we together with all our experience could help other influencers and influencer brands to create high quality sunglasses in their own names and brands? And now we are doing exactly that, I am so excited!!

What are you personally the most excited about?

I want the summer to arrive!
I am also very proud and excited to finally launch our very first Influencer, Lovisa Barkman sunglasses. Lovisa is a great inspirer and it has been a pleasure to work with her in this process developing her beautiful sunglasses. Her design is clean and edgy at the same time and very much, Lovisa's style.

We are also launching Valerie Sunglasses very soon. Eyewear is a true craftsmanship with a lot of attention to detail, style, and colours. Shells and pearls are therefore seen on the sunglasses in both details and branding.

What are you doing when you are not working?

I love to hang out with my kids and my husband, cooking and playing in my garden. Also travelling and hang out with friends gives me so much energy! I am also a big fan of cultivating vegetables and flowers. On my wish list right now is a greenhouse where I can grow plants and maybe sneak off to read a book. My garden is my free zone were I can relax and regain energy.

Valerie Aflalo is 44 yrs married to Johan Törnström 45 yrs who is also a founder of Greights.
3 children- Nicoletta 14, Bianca 8 and Leonie 5
Lives in Enskede outside of Stockholm in a newly renovated house